Fisher Yu

Fisher Yu has 10 years of experience in real estate investment, training and home inspection. He is a realtor expert at Oakville, Milton and Burlington.

Three reasons why choose Fisher as your real estate agent:

1. Know your house

Fisher did 367 home inspections in his first year as a Home Inspector, far exceeding the industry average: 250 / year. With his rich home inspection experience, when you buy a house, Fisher can help you to identify concerns before you make the important choice; When you sell your house, Fisher can help you to eliminate “Deal Killing” surprises and spend the least money to raise the value of your house.

 2.Know your Market

Fisher lives in Oakville and love this city. Fisher knows every neighborhood in Oakville: location, history, new developments are planned, transportation and the schools and the market trend: how old the average listing is, what percentage of listings actually sell, how listing prices compare to sale prices, what are the most active segments of the local market, and what are the features of the properties that are currently listed or have recently sold.

With His vast knowledge of the community, when you sell or buy a house in Oakville, Fisher can help you fully understand market conditions, establish and evaluate the price of a listed property and help you make the right decisions.

3. Know your needs

Many people may be "regret" after they bought their first house because of the house is not their really want. By benefiting from the systematic learning of the Coach's Arts and Science course at Eriksson College in Canada, Fisher can quickly help you sort out your needs and expectations and keep your needs match the local market without wasting your valuable time.

Fisher is not only knowledgeable, but also experienced at negotiating and marketing. Fisher is a problem solver, he is always working hard with positive attitude. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions about selling or buying a house in Oakville, Fisher and his team can give you the answer—or at least know where to go to find the answer.

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